About Us


Hello Gorgeous!

At Bonmuz, we believe in putting your best out in the world by offering quality, convenient, and long-lasting products to help you be at your best. We've made it our mission to put out false nail tips and a care line that not only does good for your confidence but for your health, too.


At Bonmuz, we care.

 Your care routine doesn't have to break the bank. After all, seeing your hard-earned cash stash get lower by the nail isn't what we're all about. We care not only about the health of your skin and nails, but we want to make sure you feel taken care of! So, say goodbye to over-the-top prices for average-quality products. We believe that our care shouldn‘t be at the expense of others.


We focus on you.

 A little me-time goes a long way. And with products that also help extend the life of your nails, tips, and cuticles, a little Bonmuz can give you long-lasting confidence to rock your look.

We believe that self-care should come first. By equipping you with the best products, your self-care routine just got a whole lot deeper, better, and more beautiful.


Our Mission:

We are committed to creating a community that accepts, welcomes, and celebrates all people and nails. We have made it our mission to serve all our customers with the equality, love, and respect they deserve.

Self-love and care start from within. But when you're supported by a community and brand like Bonmuz, we hope you feel more encouraged to be loving and accepting to yourself and others. So we aim to help you get your nails to slay in hopes that you feel the confidence to take on whatever the day may bring.