Glazed & Dazzled: 8 Sparkly Glazed Nail Designs That Will Catch the Light

Glazed & Dazzled: 8 Sparkly Glazed Nail Designs That Will Catch the Light

Nail Art is picking up pace as a very popular form of beauty enhancement. Nails are very dainty to look at, and when worn in the right shape and shade, they are very attractive. The animalistic instincts hidden in humans as social animals are fascinated with the beauty and mystery of long nails. 

Instead of biting into your nails, what you need to focus on is nourishing them and getting a good manicure so they will shine and complement your outfit every day. Perfect and healthy nails show that the person takes care of them and is attentive to himself. Self-care includes so many aspects, and nail care and nail art are also included. 

When you shop for nails online, you will notice there are so many new designs and patterns for nails available in online stores. If you go to nail salons, you must know about how nail trends shape the beauty industry. The most recent nail trend is the look of glazed nails. Glazed nails give a healthy shine and a dash of color to the nail tip, which makes your hands the center of attention. Give your nails a delicious donut-like shine and capture the interest of everyone around you. 

8 designs for that jewel-like shine on your fingertips 

Glazed nails have a shimmery metallic finish, which turns your nails into little jewels that play with the light. Nail artists use a metallic and reflective top coat to turn the nails into reflective mirrors. Glazed looks are simple and could be done with a single color, but the reflective and shimmery top coat adds another dimension to the overall look. If you do not want your nails to look busy and too messed up, then go for a single color of your favorite shade and create a glazed look with a shimmery top coat. The overall look is very elegant and classy and could be worn with multiple outfits and styles. 

Glazed donut nails 

Shimmers that remind you of a delectable glazed donut are the best for a simple but attractive nail look. Glazed nails that incorporate the soft shine and beautiful color of a glazed donut are very versatile. A milky white polish which gives a beautiful canvas to apply a chrome overlay and get a beautiful shiny look. A chrome nail coat or a white chrome powder is best for such a look. 

French manicure glaze 

Who does not love a classic French manicure? French manicure is very classy and timeless. Adding a donut glaze-like top coat to the French tips elevates the look and is best for a special occasion. The slightly soft shine on the white tips makes the nails stand out and go well with jeweled hands. If you are going for a surprise party or want a simple nail look for your wedding, get the French glaze for your nails. 

Chocolate glaze 

Moving on from the classic white, you can also try to recreate the chocolate glazed donut look by replacing the white polish with a milky chocolate brown color and then topping it with a beautiful shimmery glaze to seal the color in. The shimmer in the chrome powder will pop out and give your nails an iridescent glow. 

Pink ice glazed look 

Icy glazed nails talk of a girl who takes simplicity to the next level. Icy glazed nails look extravagant but are simple to create. A pale pink nail polish, topped with a silver glaze, creates a muted icy glaze that is very feminine and graceful. The look is very understated in terms of color, as the pink is muted, but the shine is very prominent. 

Jelly nails 

Not just donuts, glazed nails can also be inspired by jelly and jam. A hot pink or any other bright color added to the 3D gel creates a wet, jelly-like look on the nails, which can be dried to create a sculpted design. Then, the jelly-like swirls are topped with chrome powder or a shimmery topper to give a sugared, iridescent look to the nails. Jelly fake nails are great for casual styles. 

Chrome on clear 

An easy but vibrant nail look is a clear base topped with a chrome powder or top coat, which creates a mirror-like finish on the nails. Chrome nails are very shiny and give a metallic finish that goes well with formal dresses in a solid color or a casual outfit for a day look. These nails are minimalistic in color but maximum in their shine. 

Fire chrome nails 

Creating a glazed look with a fiery shade like bright orange, tan orange, or red is a twist on the classic red nail look. This glazed look creates a coppery, warm look on the nails. 

Fairy shimmer nails 

If you are aiming for a delicate, shimmery, and feminine set of nails to go with a gown or formal dress, then you can pick a subtle shade like lilac, periwinkle, or light pink and then top it off with a simple, clear glaze or shimmer. This creates a very beautiful pastel glow on your nails. 


Glazed nails are all the hype now, and most nail artists know how to create glazed nail art for you. If you do not want to go to a nail salon, you can shop for glazed press on nails online. At Bonmuz, you can find the best press-on nails and handmade nails to try on your fingertips. 

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